Office equipment

The ‘Bundek Office’ Business center offers complete, furnished offices, flexible office space sizes and a flexible layout of offices within the rental price.

Standard equipment includes:

  • glass facades and thermally insulated high energy efficiency aluminium panels
  • suspended ceiling with built-in mineral fibre acoustic panels
  • modular double floors with carpets of high abrasion resistance and high temperature
  • partially glazed metal door at the entrance to the office space with a lock
  • ventilation, heating and cooling installations with a separate controller for each office room
Work conditions

Advanced safety systems, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, and flexible office unit layout that allow customization to individual customer requirements, create a comfortable environment.

  • great natural lighting
  • use of natural materials
  • an advanced heating, cooling and ventilation system enables individual climate control within each room
  • Each business unit has a TV / SAT antenna connection and an optical and telephone cable
  • four groups of three lifts connect the business and parking floors
  • the building is fully accessible to disabled people by elevators linking all three underground and eight above ground floors
  • the entrance and exit to the garage is secured by two two-way ramps on the north and south sides of the complex.
Resource management

Central monitoring system enables continuous monitoring and management of the facility infrastructure:

  • Electricity supply
  • lighting
  • heating, cooling, ventilation
  • access control
  • fire protection
  • anti-theft protection
  • video surveillance
  • each office unit has its own electricity meter
  • each water supply connection has its own meter
  • power and IT connectors are located in the floorboards
Offer of the space

Office space name: F02-2
Area m2: 206.05 m2
Floor: ground floor

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